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StreemSmart.com gathers key trading tools into a single view and lets you move between them with a quick click. You can reduce StreetSmart.com to display only the right-hand quick reference information, so you can monitor the market while performing other tasks.


StreetSmart.com keeps a Quick Trade function available (at the right in the quick reference area) at all times so that you can quickly place equity and option orders. The Trade tab gives you additional choices for defining equity or option orders before submitting them.


The Quotes & Research tab centralizes StreetSmart.com's tools for monitoring the securities you are interested in trading, including streaming news, watch lists, NASDAQ Level II quotes and options chains.


StreetSmart.com's conditional orders and alerts and special order types can help you protect profits and limit losses.


Track balances, available margin, order status, current positions and other important account information on the My Account tab.


Here are a few more resources for getting the most out of StreetSmart.com.